March, 2014


6 Free Keywords Suggestion Tools

Keywords Tools People do billions of searches everyday on popular search engines and social media networks. There are many tools available to research keywords and to discover the most popular keywords, phrases, topics and trends. You can not only use these tools to know the hot issues but also can discover related topics and estimated annual searches of these keywords. You can further explore that which combination of words have more search enquiries than others. These tools may be used to get new keyword ideas and to use proper keywordsRead More

Top 10 Facebook Tricks which Really Works

Top 10 Facebook Tips If you are a regular user of Facebook, you might already familiar with basic stuffs and terms like add/delete friends, update statuses, walls and profile, add and explore pages and applications etc, but you can do even more on Facebook. I will tell you some interesting things you can do on (or with) Facebook. Here you will find 10 super cool facebook tips and tricks. If you also know any interesting tip or trick related to Facebook, please feel free to share in the comment boxRead More

CommentLuv Review – Must Read Before You Buy CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv WordPress Plugin   CommentLuv is a popular comment system for WordPress blogs and websites. It is a powerful tool which let your commentators to select blog posts to promote their own blogs. Before you move further, please read my few previous posts. You can read my previous posts by visiting following links: CommentLuv vs KeywordLuv CommentLuv Discount Coupon Code CommentLuv Blogs List Top 15 WordPress Plugins CommentLuv Premium Review I will highlight only key points of CommentLuv Premium Plugin. As, this is not a paid review of CommentLuv PremiumRead More

15 Best WordPress Plugins – Every WP Blog Should Have!

WordPress is surely one of the most widely used online publishing platforms available today. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available on and on developers’ own websites to make it more useful and flexible to fulfill Webmasters and Bloggers requirements. It doesn’t matter what you want to do on your blog, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it. I’ve dug through hundreds of WordPress plugins to compile following list of 15 must-have plugins that will help your WordPress Blog perform like a champion.Read More

107 All New Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas Sky is the limit for blogging and blog post topics. But sometimes you find it very hard to select an exciting and appropriate topic to write your next blog post. You think for hours but could not find and concentrate on a single topic. Then you search for it and see that there are thousands of web pages/ blog posts that have listed many post ideas but you will see that majority of these ideas are just crap. Sometimes, I also faced the same situation but couldRead More