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November, 2015


PHP Concepts: The Difference Between Functions & Language Constructs

Persons new to programming often have difficulty grasping the concept of language constructs. Furthermore, both new programmers and seasoned programmers often get tripped up when it comes to telling the difference between language constructs and functions as they often resemble each other and in many instances are used in the same way. As a result, many developers write code for a number of years mistaking language constructs for functions and only become aware of the difference after trying to fix some odd quirk in their applications which arises because ofRead More

The Tools You Need For PHP Development

Quite often, I am asked the question “What tools do I need for PHP development?”. Some of the askers expect to spend hundreds of dollars on development tools, others are utterly bemused when trying to select the ‘perfect’ IDE from a long list options. Still others (admittedly less frequently) come to me asking whether they should buy a PC or a Mac to facilitate their PHP development or if they should go with Linux or Windows. I’ve read forum threads where even seemingly seasoned PHP developers go at it overRead More

Benchmarking Autoload Performance In PHP

I read a blog post a few days ago written by Brandon Savage outlining some of the more worthwhile optimizations one can make to their PHP code and application environment in order to improve performance. One of the optimizations suggested by Brandon is employing the use of an autoloader (for the uninitiated, you can read all about autoloading here). On reading through the comments, I noticed that there seemed to be some uncertainty as to how autoloading stacks up against the use of multiple include files as it relates toRead More

Posting to wordpress with php and xml-rpc

Recently, i’ve been working on a few projects that have required me to extend my programming reach in order to acheive things not normally encountered in your typical project. One of the things i’ve been required to accomplish with PHP lately is to post to WordPress automatically via an HTML form. On exploring the possible options I came across the XML-RPC and AtomPub remote publishing protocols. After briefly reviewing both protocols, for the sake of simplicity, I chose to use XML-RPC. To quote the XML-RPC homepage: It’s (XML-RPC) a specificationRead More