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107 All New Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Sky is the limit for blogging and blog post topics. But sometimes you find it very hard to select an exciting and appropriate topic to write your next blog post. You think for hours but could not find and concentrate on a single topic. Then you search for it and see that there are thousands of web pages/ blog posts that have listed many post ideas but you will see that majority of these ideas are just crap. Sometimes, I also faced the same situation but could not find anything helpful then I decided to create a list of ideas for writing posts. Though initially I intended to keep this list personal but then I decided to share it with others via my blog. Now I will write posts about many of these topics and you are also welcomed to choose a topic in your niche and write an awesome post on it.


Here are 107 awesome ideas for writing blog posts.

Blogging Post Ideas

  1. Share your blog’s story, from the idea of starting one to how it’s evolved since you wrote your first post.
  2. Turn a negative comment into a positive post.
  3. Post Vlog (Video Blog Post) once a week.
  4. Post photos and images related to your blog niche
  5. How much time you spend a week writing and maintaining your blog.
  6. Publish interview of another Blogger
  7. Share your blogging tips
  8. Post a funny picture of the week.
  9. Post a poll question. Follow up with a blog post announcing the results and your views on the findings.
  10. Your own goals and plans in Blogging career.
  11. Ask your visitors to write a guest post for you
  12. Offer your help to new bloggers
  13. If you’re starting another blog, tell your readers about it.
  14. A list of mistakes by young bloggers
  15. The importance of having your own personal blog
  16. How I drive traffic to my website
  17. Make a list of your favorite blogs
  18. Run a guest post contest on your blog
  19. Write about your favorite books in your niche
  20. Write an article in response to someone else’s post
  21. Show how much traffic your blog has been getting and analyze why that’s been the case

Blog Post Ideas about Widgets and Plugins

  1. Where to get the best widgets for your Blogger Blog
  2. Where to get some very cool widgets for your WordPress Blog
  3. Top-10 Gadgets for Blogger
  4. Top-10 Plugins for WordPress
  5. Review other blogs in your niche
  6. Which plugins, widgets and tools you are using for your website?

“Money Making Tips” Post Ideas

  1. How Bloggers can make money from their blogs?
  2. How are you making money from your blog?
  3. Which is the best online advertisement program for blogs and websites?
  4. Write post about your earnings from your blogs.
  5. Write about an alternate online money making idea
  6. Why not to monetize your blog too soon
  7. Advantages of having multiple sources of income
  8. How much money a newbie can earn from blogging?
  9. Should a person quit his job for blogging profession or not?
  10. Blogging vs traditional jobs vs business

Blog Post Ideas about Social Media

  1. Difference between Social Networks and Social Bookmarking Networks
  2. How to get more visitors from social media
  3. Which Social Media Networks I am using
  4. Which is the best social network for blog promotion?
  5. Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  6. Facebook applications I Love
  7. When you started using social media and which is your first social network?
  8. How helpful is social media in blogging?

SEO Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to write SEO optimized post title
  2. How to write great content
  3. How to add perfect headlines, titles and sub titles in your blog post
  4. How you achieved high PR or high ALexa Rank?
  5. How to increase traffic to you blog?
  6. How to increase traffic from Commenting
  7. How to increase traffic from Guest blogging
  8. Write an extensive list like this one that people can’t resist linking to
  9. SEO tips that you are using on your own blog
  10. The fast way to get your blog indexed by search engines
  11. How to optimize loading speed of you web page
  12. Is DMOZ still helpful?
  13. Should we publish articles on article directories or not?

Post Ideas about Internet

  1. Write a tutorial about something
  2. Make a list of bloggers you’d like to meet. Link to them and send them a note about your post.
  3. Write about the blogs that have mentioned yours.
  4. Unveil features of software that most people aren’t aware of
  5. How is the life of an Online Entrepreneur?
  6. Future of internet

Post Ideas about Business

  1.  Start a series of business ideas
  2. Share your idea of a business which you want to start?
  3. Write a post comparing real (physical) business vs online business

Post Ideas about Family

  1. Share your personal story of helping kids through a difficult situation (death, divorce, etc.).
  2. Explain why you post pictures of your kids on the Internet or why you don’t.
  3. Let your child write a guest post on your blog.
  4. Let your wife write a post about you as a husband on your blog.
  5. Ask your friends and colleagues to write a post for you.
  6. Share your favorite family traditions.
  7. How helpful is your family in your blogging career?

Post Ideas about Personal

  1. Create a top 10 list of your life achievements so far.
  2. Make a list of the people you dated before you got married. Write a humorous post on why each person wasn’t “the one.”
  3. Share your wedding story.
  4. Describe your best day of life
  5. Describe your best day of life
  6. Who is your super hero?
  7. What is your daily, weekly and monthly schedule?
  8. Take some photos of your blogging desk and describe it?

“Tips and Tricks” Post Ideas

  1. What to do and not to do when starting a money making blog
  2. How to write professional looking blog posts
  3. How to install a stats counter to your blog?

Post Ideas about Your Hobbies

  1. Start a weekly feature (on a hobby, cooking or other niche topic).
  2. Write about your own journey
  3. Write post about your hobbies
  4. Write post about your spouse hobbies

Funny Post Ideas

  1. Share a good joke and give your opinion on it.
  2. Share some funny photos or videos
  3. Write about a funny situation
  4. Write about a funny actor or cartoon character

Post Ideas about Fashion, Beauty, Health and Style

  1. Post about fashion trends
  2. Post about hair styles
  3. Give beauty tips
  4. How to keep yourself healthy and smart?
  5. Dress you like most

Other Post Ideas

  1. Write about your favourite
  2. Pick a worthy cause or charity and write your views about it.
  3. Write your views about current affairs
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  5. Write reviews of physical products
  6. Embed a Video about your blog from YouTube and give your views about it.
  7. Write about the history of …..
  8. Ask your readers a specific question about something
  9. Ask your readers for general feedback about your blog

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