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6 Free Keywords Suggestion Tools

Keywords Tools

People do billions of searches everyday on popular search engines and social media networks. There are many tools available to research keywords and to discover the most popular keywords, phrases, topics and trends. You can not only use these tools to know the hot issues but also can discover related topics and estimated annual searches of these keywords. You can further explore that which combination of words have more search enquiries than others. These tools may be used to get new keyword ideas and to use proper keywords while creating content for websites and blogs.


Here I will show only Top-6 Free Keyword Research Tools out of many available tools. Three of these tools are powered by Google. Most of the popular tools are of renowned search engines.

Google Trends

This is very useful tool for web-masters. This is a Google powered tool to study Hot Searches and to compare multiple search terms and websites. You can narrow your search country-wise and period-wise.  Results of compared keywords/ websites are presented in graphical format. You can easily find which term has more searches than others. And also know from which regions and cities these search inquiries are coming.

Google Insights for Search

It is another tool by Google to look insight searches on Google Search Engine. It shows search volumes by search type, region, time and category. This also shows and compare data of all the given search terms. And provide you top rising searches, regional interest, top related search terms and rising searches.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Basically this tool is for AdWords Advertisers. Enter term(s) to see related keywords, competition, global and local monthly searches, approximate CPC and more. You can refine your search with advanced filters and options.

Yahoo Clues

Yahoo Clues is an excellent tool to look into search trends of Yahoo Search Engine. It shows top 5 global searches of the day, week, month and year. It can also compare two keywords and can show data in demographic form according to age and gender. It also shows maps and countries from where most of the visitors are searching for it.

Bing Webmaster Keyword Research Tool

Bing Keyword is very easy and simple to use yet very powerful. You can find search volumes for keywords. This shows the data obtained from organic search at Bing. You can customize your output data by selecting a specific country, language and time period. It will show the results in a very simplified manner that the given keyword and other related keywords are appeared how many times in the country and period specified.

AOL Search Trends 

Though this is bot a keyword research tool yet it is very important tool to view the latest hot searches. It shows hourly and daily top-50 searched keyword terms.

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