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CommentLuv is a popular comment system for WordPress blogs and websites. It is a powerful tool which let your commentators to select blog posts to promote their own blogs.

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CommentLuv Premium Review

I will highlight only key points of CommentLuv Premium Plugin. As, this is not a paid review of CommentLuv Premium Plugin so you can hope to get a honest review.

Plugin Review

Following are the key benefits of CommentLuv Premium Plugin:

  1. CommentLuv encourages commentators to write comments on your posts by rewarding them with linkback to their blog and blog post.
  2. It encourage social media interaction with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Shares.
  3. It protects your blog from spam.
  4. It help you to build your community and increase traffic.
  5. Your blog will be free from the burden of so many plugins as commentluv is a combination of 8 plugins so you can remove about 7 other plugins (i.e. KeywordLuv, TwitterLink Comments, No Self Ping, Top Commentator,  Trackback Validation, DoFollow and GASP) by installing just CommentLuv Premium Plugin.

Should You Buy CommentLuv Premium

Above points show that this is a very useful plugin and I am also in love with its features but Its price is bit high  when majority of the WP plugins are free or costs only few dollars. There is a free version of CommentLuv available but it has not many features of premium version.

Following are some points which you should consider before making a decision of either you should but it or not?

  1. What is your budget for this blog?
  2. What is current or expected earning from the blog?
  3. How much is traffic to your blog?
  4. Who are your visitors generally? If readers of your blog are also bloggers and webmaster then CommentLuv Premium Plugin will be more useful as they will love to see their blog posts link on your page while if your readers belongs to general public then any other commenting plugin with combination of few other plugins.

Whatever you decide, first ask yourself that how this or any other premium plugin will benefit your blog. If it seems beneficial for your blog go for it otherwise move to any other free plugin.

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