CommentLuv vs KeywordLuv

CommentLuv and KeywordLuv both are WordPress plugins. Though they have only few similarities but it seems that idea behind the creation of CommentLuv is inspired from KeywordLuv but we don’t have any affiliation or link with any of these so not able to write anything with surety. I created this blog “” pay tribute to the KeywordLuv plugin as this plugin was once very popular due its benefits for Bloggers and Commentators.

CommentLuv vs KeywordLuv

Here are few points to determine the difference between CommentLuv and KeywordLuv.


KeywordLuv is a plugin for commenting, just to add keyword as anchor text of a website while CommentLuv is a combination of many plugins/ functions including CommentLuv itself, GASP Anti Spam Plugin, TwitterLink Comments, KeywordName (Alternate of KeywordLuv) and 4 other plugins included.

KeywordLuv is free and CommentLuv Premium costs you from 67$ to 97$, CommentLuv Free plugin is also available with limited features.

Commentators can only put an anchor text to url link on keywordluv enabled blogs while Commentators on CommentLuv enabled blogs can also choose a post of his blog to share under his comment.

CommentLuv Plugin comes with its own dashboard which has stats etc.

Blog owners gets more Facebook likes, Twitter Followers and Google +1 with CommentLuv Plugin.

Both plugins encourage commentators to comment on your blog posts which added relevant value content to your posts.

CommentLuv fights well with SPAM through many features.

You can use KeywordLuv plugin in combination with free version of CommentLuv plugin as free version doesn’t support KeywordName.

Which Plugin is better for you?

I am sure you have used either KeywordLuv or CommentLuv or both as a Blogger or Commentator. I would like to hear your voice about these two plugins. Tell us which plugin proves itself useful for you. Share your thoughts via comments.

Do you use any of these plugins? Do these plugins add relevant content and traffic to your blog or increase SPAM to your comment?

What is your honest feedback about CommentLuv and KeywordLuv?

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  1. benham198 says:

    Hey there I loved the article on Keywordluv vs CommentLuv. Was unsure which to install. Thank you. very useful!!!