How to Remove Blogger Nav Bar?

Blogger Nav Bar

All the Blogspot / Blogger Themes have Navigation Bar at the top inherently and most of the Bloggers want to delete/ remove it from there blogs. In the past some uses one way while the other uses another way to hide it or remove/ delete it permanently as Blogspot didn’t give an options to hide it. Some Bloggers also hesitated to hide this bar as they are not clear whether it is legal or not.

Now the Blogspot has made it possible for its users to hide this NavBar legally. It is quite simple, you don’t need to understand and embed any type of code. Just follow the instructions given below and you are done.


How to Remove Blogger Nav Bar?

It is very easy to remove/ hide Navigation Bar from your Blogger’s Blog. Just follow these simple steps and Nav Bar will be disappeared from your blog instantly.

1.  Login to your Blogger Dashboard.

2.  Go to the Layout Tab.


3.  Click on the Navbar widget in the top right side of the window.

4.  A popup window will be open which will show many options for Navbar configuration.

5.  Click on the last option “Off”.

6.  Now click on save and reload your blog in your browser. You will see that Navbar has been disappeared.

You can re-appear it by repeating the whole process and selecting another option for Navbar configuration.

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