Top 5 Free Social Sharing Bars/ Plugins for Websites

Top 5 Social Share Plugins for Websites

I was in search of a suitable Social Share Bar for this WordPress Blog so I searched and tried almost every known Sharebar Plugin and found following 5 most useful Social Share Plugins.


Bumpin Ticket Social Bar


It is the best Social Bar for websites I found. It adds a rich set of features to your website or blog making it more social, more engaging, sticky resulting in increased traffic.

25 different type of applications are available to choose i.e. Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Feed, Facebook Like, Google Plus, Tweet, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Facebook Activity, Facebook Recommended, Weather, Chat, Flickr, Picassa, RSS Feed, Recent Posts, Popular Posts, Random Posts, Live Notifications, Search, Translation, Real Time Visitors, Scroll to Top Buttons. Share Button adds some more buttons in a top up window e.g. Digg, Delicious, MySpace, Email etc.

It has many customization options with live view of toolbar on your website.

It can be added to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Drupal, Joomla, Ning, vBulletin, Tumblr and all other type of website platforms.

Visit Bumpin Website to get this widget for your website.

Click here to see demo.

Wibiya by Conduit Web Toolbar


Wibiya is the most popular web bar. You can get more fans and followers by adding this web bar to your website.

It has FB Like, Tweet, Chat, Live Visitors and Smart Share Buttons to include. you can select language of your choice for Wibiya Bar.



ShareThis is a very innovative social sharing platform for websites and blogs. ShareThis is an easy to install free plugin. It lets your visitors to share your content to over 120 social networks. It also has FastShare ability which enables sharing in fewer steps.

ShareThis can be added to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Drupal, Joomla and any other type of website.

It has many styles like Share Bars, Side Bars, Share Buttons and Share Egg. It has over 120 platforms to add e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati etc.

Visit  to get widget.

Click to see Demo.


Addthis Buttons1 Top 5 Free Social Sharing Bars/ Plugins for Websites

AddThis helps you integrate sharing tools into your website, spread your content and drive social traffic to your website. AddThis gives you the simplest way to add share buttons to your website. You can also track in depth analytics for your website through this.

AddThis Tools are also optimized for mobile browsing. 9 button styles are available to choose.

AddThis can also be added to iOS SDK, Android SDK and Flash Content.

No need to Sign In to grab the code.

Visit AddThis to get widget code.

Click Here to See Demo.

Scrolling Social ShareBar for WordPress

scrolling Social Share Bar 69x300 Top 5 Free Social Sharing Bars/ Plugins for Websites

Scrolling Social ShareBar is a very simple Share Bar with fewer customization options and only 7 social networks added. It has only Facebook Like, FB Share, Tweet, Google +1, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Share Buttons but you can remove some buttons from it.

Its is only available for WordPress blogs and websites.

You can download Scrolling Social ShareBar Plugin from link below:


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