Sexy Looking for the summer – Healthy eating

gucci_golddressWant to fit into your new Gucci dress? well don’t diet, eat healthy. There is a difference between being on a diet and eating healthy, and scientific studies have shown that those who belong to the second group have a 60% better chance of maintaining their weight over time.

Why? Because a diet is a forceful way that involves introducing a reduced calorie intake to lose weight and being a force does not guarantee results that endure over time, but in 80% of cases there is a resumption of gaining weight with a lot of interests.

This happens mainly because many of the fad diets sponsored by celebrities completely eliminate foods essential to the body as sugars, fats and carbohydrates that are required to the body to function propeerly in the right quantities.

Do you want to maintain a slim physique without going hungry? The solution is just to eat well, like adding konjac root to your diet. Do not deprive yourself of any food, but with it together with awareness. Divide the calories in 5 meals, a good breakfast, a mid-morning snack made from a fruit or a yoghurt, a lunch that includes a first and a nutritious side dish, a snack and a dinner of vegetables and protein.

Do not deprive yourself of sweets but eat them moderately, perhaps limiting them to the weekend as well as for the pizza and alcohol. You will see that in this way you will not have any need to give over yourselves to the diet of berries but you get a physical dry, healthy and above all well-fed!

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