CommentLuv Blogs – Largest High PR List

commentluvWhat is CommentLuv?
CommentLuv is a popular WordPress Plugin for all-in-one comment management solution. As a Blogger, you can easily manage all your comments related tasks from one place with CommentLuv. While as a Commentator, you can get Do-follow link to your website/blog, one link to your latest blog post, option to choose link from your latest 10 posts, you can enter your KeywordName as anchor text and much more.
If you are a Blogger or Website Designer then you surely know what CommentLuv is. For those who do not know what commentluv is, let me briefly introduce it to you. Commentluv is a WordPress Plugin which will allow your visitors to get backlink not only to the home page of the website but also to their recent blog post.
High PR CommentLuv Blogs List
CommentLuv Blogs List1 CommentLuv Blogs Largest High PR List
High PR CommentLuv Blogs List
Here is a huge collection of high Page Rank CommentLuv Blogs. Blogs are categorized according to their Google Page Rank. However topic of each blog is also given against each blog’s url in the same line so that visitors can know the blogs which are relevant to their niche.
Following is a list of about 400 CommentLuv Blogs ranging from PR6 to PR1. I didn’t include PR 0 or N/A in this list. Every blog is visited and checked individually for its PR, CommentLuv and its category. If you find any url in this list which is not appropriate, contact us and we will fix the issue.
I have made every effort to include every CommentLuv enabled high Page Rank blog in this list but I know that there are thousands of more CommentLuv blogs which is not possible for a person to reach to everyone. So, If you think that your blog is not listed in the list, you are welcome to contact me via Contact Form or Comment section.
PR6 CommentLuv Blogs List Blogging WordPress and BlogEngine Themes

PR5 CommentLuv Blogs List Media and Social Marketing Blogging Tips and Tricks Blogging Social Media Marketing Work at home Business, Women Business, Lifestyle Graphic and Web Design Social Entrepreneurship SEO, Blogging, Social Media Neuroscience, Marketing

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PR3 CommentLuv Blogs List Network Marketing – Webmasters Internet Life Style Blogging Tips & Tricks Blogging, SEO, MMO Blogging, Small Business Tips Tech Tips Technology, SEO, Internet Marketing Internet Marketing SEO and Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Blogging Tips Social Media Internet Marketing Blogging Blogging Tips Blogging Tips, Social Media Tips Blogging, Video Blogging Software Technology Internet Marketing Making Money Online, Blogging Technology Personality Development Blogging Business Tips Online Business Work AT Home Resources and Jobs Work AT Home Tips, Social Media Technology, Blogging, Social Media Online Business Online Business, Entrepreneurship Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Online Writing Inspiration, Writing Blogging Tips, Social Media Making Money Online, Blog Traffic Blogging, Online Business Content Development, Business, Entrepreneurship Technology Technology, Science, Gadget, Football Internet Marketing Technology, Web Design, Technology, Software Internet, Blogging SEO, Web Design Blogging, Online Business Technology, Mobiles SEO, WordPress, Webmaster Tips Technology, Social Media Business Affiliate Marketing, Blogging Make Money Online Make Money Online Internet, Blogging, SEO Blogging Tips Blogging Female Entrepreneurship, Marketing Technology Affiliate Marketing Technology, Blogging, Social Media niche Site Marketing, Keyword Optimization Money Making Online, Internet Marketing Blog Tips Online Marketing Internet Marketing, Blogging – Blogging & Social Media Thesis, WordPress, Blogging Tips SEO, Technology, Discount Coupons Copywriting Information Marketing, Internet Marketing Internet Video Marketing, Business Branding Reviews and Tips Blogging Tips Blogging, Technology Blogging Technology, Web Design Internet Marketing Blogging Techie Tips and Tricks Tech Humor and Jokes Blogging Tips and Resources Technology, Software SEO Technology, Blogging Internet Marketing Internet Marketing SEO, WordPress Web 3D, Blogging, Social Media Entrepreneurship, Online Business Technology Social Media Marketing, Internet Markting Work At Home Business Social Media, SEO SEO, Blogging Entrepreneurship Blogging, Freelance Writing Blogging, Online Business Online Passive Income, Lifestyle Design Graphic Design Passive Income Gadgets, Mobiles Blogging, Technology, Social Media Blogging, Technology WordPress theme, WordPress Plugins Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Online Business Tips Blogging Technology SEO, Technology Business Internet Marketing Photography Education Blogging for Business SEO Technology Make Money Online Internet Marketing Blogging, Games, Software, Technology Make Money Online Money Making Online

PR2 CommentLuv Blogs List Technology Online Business, Blogging SEO, Graphics and Web Design Make Money Online Blogging Making Money Online Free Webmaster Tools Computer Help Make Money Blogging Work At Home Inspiration Computer Security, Anti Viruses Internet Marketing Freelance Writing, Online Writing Freelance Writing Make Money Online Business Internet Marketing Online Business Network Marketing, team Building Social Media Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing Technology, Social Media Social Media Make Money Online Making Money Online, Blogging Web 2.0, Technology Technology Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Work from Home Make Money Online, Blogging Online Entrepreneurship Internet Marketing Home Business MLM Marketing Make Money Blogging Internet Marketing Entrepreneurship, Marketing Internet Marketing SEO, Internet Marketing Home Based Business Make Money Online Blogging Tips Blogging, Inspiration Make Money Online Make Money Online Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO Network Marketing Technology Marketing Home Based Business Internet Marketing Internet Marketing – Blogging, SEO, Traffic Tips Blogging Business, Blogging Making Money Online Blogging WordPress Plugins Blogging, Twitter, Social Networking Lifestyle Entrepreneurship, Small Business Social Media Marketing Business Organization Work At Home, Money Making Online SEO for Beginners Make Money Blogging Online Entrepreneurship Internet Marketing, Home based Business Technology Freelance Web Design Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO Business WordPress Plugins WordPress Tutorials, Blogging Blogging, Technology Internet Marketing Technology, Social Media Web Design, SEO Blogging Tips, Technology Technology Blogging Network Marketing WordPress, Thesis, Social Media Network Marketing Network Marketing Make Money Online Blogging, Internet Marketing Work from Home Money Making Online

PR1 CommentLuv Blogs List Random Ramblings Blogging Tips, SEO – Web Design – Web, Social Media Money Making Online Making Money Online, Blogging Make Money Online Internet Marketing Blogging NetBooks, Laptops Internet Marketing Work At Home Entrepreneurship Affiliate Marketing Online Writing Technology, Mobiles, Social Media Online Business Network Marketing Social Media, Web 2.0 Internet, Web Blogging, SEO, Social Media Blogging, Online Business SEO Affiliate Marketing Social Media, Web Small Business Ideas Blogging Business Development Tips Entrepreneurship Website Creation, Money Making Online Internet Marketing Blogging Entrepreneurship Online Writing Blogging, Making Money Online Technology Online Marketing Blogging, Making Money Online Blogging Work At Home Technology, Gadgets Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Technology, Computing MLM Help Affiliate Marketing, SEO Home Business MLM Network Marketing Business Blogging Tips, Tech Online Marketing SEO Tips Money Making Online Blogging Lifestyle

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