KeywordLuv Plugin for WordPress

KeywordLuv Plugin – Brief Introduction

KeywordLuv is one of the most popular WordPress Plug-ins. It is useful for both; Blog owner and Commentator. Stephen Cronin, a famous WordPress Developer, developed this plugin in 2008. KeywordLuv Plugin rewards commentators by separating their names from anchor texts and links websites’ urls to anchor texts.

With KeywordLuv Plugin, Blogger gets quality comments and regular visitors while commentators gets do-follow link with anchor text of his choice. In order for your blog comments to work to your full advantage in terms of search engine ranking gains, the anchor text associated with the link to your website should be keywords you want to rank. KeywordLuv enabled blogs give the freedom to their commentators to write their own keywords as anchor text to their URL.


The Keyword Luv plugin helps fellow commentators by allowing them to place both their name and keyword anchor text on the link while leaving a comment on other blogs. When a user comments on your blog all he need to do is enter his name in the Name field in the following format:


e.g. John@Mobile Company

The result will be as under

John from Mobile Company says “Great site!” Where John is the name of commentator, Mobile Company is the anchor keyword linked to his website/blog.

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